Your Initial Consultation with us

We have found that patients have 4 key questions that need answering by us when you visit our physio clinic.

To make sure all 4 questions get answered and you get your recovery off to the best possible start, we insist that our Initial Physiotherapy Consultations last up to 1 hour in duration. This is to ensure you are thoroughly assessed, your goals are fully understood and an accurate diagnosis is made.

1 hour Initial Consultations include:

  • A comprehensive history taken

  • Thorough examination - to provide a diagnosis and identify any possible causes.

  • Set a Treatment Goal.

  • An explanation of how long your recovery may take (the prognosis).

  • Outline the treatment options available to you (and the cost).

  • Start some hands-on treatment, to give you some immediate pain-relief (*if appropriate).

  • Start off your home exercise program to help you immediately begin to make progress.


How do I book an appointment?

  • Just simply contact us via phone or webform here and we will book you into our diary straight away. There is no waiting list so we try and get people seen within 48hrs.

How do I find the Physio clinic?

Do you have parking?

  • Yes we have FREE onsite parking at the Le Sport gym building. There’s also Free parking all down the road outside.

What do I need to wear?

  • Please wear what is most comfortable for you. However, we do advise wearing loose fitted clothing due to the fact that your injury area will need to be uncovered to complete our examination & treatment.

My injury is not sport related, can you still help?

  • Of course we can. Although we are sport specialists we still treat tons of normal aches and pains on a daily basis (e.g. bad backs and sore knees).

Do you take card payments?

  • Yes, you can pay by credit/debit card (or cash).