What to Expect?

We have found over the years that people have 4 key questions that need answering when visiting our Physio Clinic for the very first time.

To make sure all 4 questions get answered and you get your recovery off to the best possible start, we insist that our Initial Physiotherapy Consultations last up to 1 hour in duration. This is to ensure you are thoroughly assessed and an accurate diagnosis is made.

1 hour Initial Consultations include:

  • A comprehensive history taken first

  • Thorough examination - to provide a diagnosis and identify any possible causes.

  • An explanation of how long your recovery will take (prognosis).

  • Outline the treatment options available (and the cost).

  • Agree on a Treatment Plan (how many appointments will be needed)

  • Start some hands-on treatment, to give some immediate pain-relief (*if appropriate).

  • Start off your home exercise program to help you immediately begin to make progress.

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