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Sports injuries

If you or a friend is suffering with a Sports Injury, then let us help without the need for lots of medication, expensive scans or even surgery.

Whether you are a runner, cyclist, rugby player, golfer or gym member; at some point it is inevitable that you may pick an injury. Thankfully most Sports Injuries can easily be treated with a course of Physiotherapy. Therefore the quicker you seek professional Physiotherapy help after injury, the faster you will get better, allowing you to get back doing your sport again, completely pain-free.

Does this sound like you?
- You keep ploughing on with your sport & keep ignoring the pain.
- Your friends and family tell you to stop all sport & rest.
- You know that taking painkillers just masks the problem.
- You try self-diagnosing the problem on Google, which doesn't help you.


‘We are 1 of the only specialist Sports Clinics here in North Wales’

If you are suffering with a Sports Injury and don’t know what to do, we would love to help by inviting you to get in touch and speak directly with our Physiotherapist - Oliver, to see what can be done to help your Sports Injury & give you some helpful advice straight away.

How we can help you here at The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic?

  • We’ll see you ASAP to find out exactly what’s going on.

  • Your first session will be up to 1 hour, to provide enough time to give you an accurate diagnosis (not 10 minutes like your GP).

  • If needed* we’ll use HD video analysis technology to get a better diagnosis.

  • We’ll ensure your treatment is sports-specific.

  • You’ll be shown the very best rehab exercises to do, setting you a plan to follow at home/gym.

  • We’ll gradually get rid of your pain over a full course of treatment.

  • By the time we’ve finished with us, you’ll be back doing the sport you love doing again.

If your injury is urgent and can’t wait then please call us

Tel. 01492 545 291