About Us

Since opening in 2010, The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic has helped hundreds of people in North Wales get back to their physical best and live more active and healthy lifestyles without the need for medications or surgery.

We have had the privilege of looking after a wide variety of clients including: Olympic and Commonwealth athletes, Welsh champions, business including Arriva, Royal Mail & Scottish Power, not forgetting all the amazing Mums, Dads & Grandparents out there!

Over the years of helping people we have discovered people have 3 main problems when injured:

1.  Frustration when pain won’t go away.
It’s all too easy to just grab some painkillers when you are in pain, all in the hope you’ll wake up the next day & the pain has gone. Deep down you know pain killers just mask the symptoms and don’t actually treat the problem.

2. Uncertainty what to do or who to see.
Friends and family tell you to just rest, you try self-diagnosing it on Google which ends up confusing & worrying you even more.

3. Stress from having to wait to be seen.
No one likes having to wait for anything nowadays & healthcare is no different. Waiting weeks on a waiting list is not going to help you recover all that well.

Can you relate?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. At the Physio & Sports Injury Clinic we hear this all the time.

The good news though is, it doesn’t have to be this way…

We understand the frustrations, fears and disappointments that result from being injured, and firmly believe that everyone deserves a stress-free recovery process. Here at The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic we love to help people get back to living the life they truly deserve, without the fear of pain holding you back. 

Oliver Cook - Chartered Physiotherapist.

Qualifications: BSc, MCSP, mHCPC, Dip Sports Massage.

Oliver Cook - Physiotherapist.jpg

Oliver is the Owner of the Physio and Sports Injury Clinic and is the ‘Go-To’ Physiotherapist here in Rhos on Sea for all Musculoskeletal / Sports Injuries.

Oliver holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy from Brunel University - London & also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Massage & training in Acupuncture.

Oliver began his career in the NHS for 3 years before re-locating up to North Wales to join ‘The Physio and Sports Injury Clinic’ in Rhos on Sea as an associate. After 4 years in that position, Oliver took the helm and became the Owner and Principle Physiotherapist in 2018.

Oliver has consequently gained a wealth of experience helping people just like you for years who want to keep active and love to be healthy.

When Oliver is not working, he volunteers his time up for his Local St John Ambulance group or is out running or exploring the welsh coastline with his dog!