Dance and Performing arts

Dance & Performing Arts injuries

If you or your son/daughter are suffering with a Dance or Performing Arts Injury, then let us help through natural means without the need for lots of medications, expensive scans or even surgery.

Unfortunately the performing arts industry is rife with injury. Dancers, Musicians and Vocalists can rehearse for long/unsociable hours and can ultimately put great strain on their bodies overtime. Whether it's just a hobby or it’s your occupation, injury can catch you out when you least expect it.

‘We are the only specialist Performing Arts Clinic here in North Wales’

Luckily most injuries from Dance and the Performing Arts can easily be treated with a course of Physiotherapy. Therefore the quicker you seek professional Physiotherapy help after injury, the faster you will get better allowing you to get back doing what you love again.

If you are suffering with a Dance or Performance injury and don’t know what to do, we would love to help by inviting you to get in touch with our Physiotherapist - Oliver. He can speak with you for FREE to see what can be done to help your injury & give you some helpful advice straight away.

Oliver - our Physiotherapist here is also a classically trained musician, and has performed throughout the UK at many leading concert venues, so understands the performing arts profession well. Oliver regularly treats dancers, musicians and singers plus cast members from touring theatre shows locally.

If your injury is urgent and can’t wait then please call us:

Tel. 01492 545 291