Top-Tips to Stay In Shape This Winter.

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We are slowly approaching that time of year again where the weather is now getting colder, there’s less daylight hours to do anything after work and a lot of sports are winding down for the winter as everyone thinks about ❄️CHRISTMAS❄️

Whilst most people will be enjoying the thought of putting their feet up, anybody who’s serious about sport will know that if you have anything planned for the Spring time then training should ideally begin December to give you enough time to build up training gradually. The off-season is where you can make some of your biggest improvements/adjustments (with a little help from us!) So here are my top-tips to stay in shape over the coming few months. 

  1. Put a plan in place - Winter is the perfect time to set a new goal for the new year ahead. So set some time aside to plan what you want to achieve in the next 12 months (lose weight, get stronger, keep in good shape or maybe run a half marathon). Once you have picked your goal, be realistic and set out enough time to achieve it. Schedule your training in a diary so you know what days you’ll be training & what days are rest days. I also recommend tracking your workout content too so you can look back at how well you’ve done.

  2. Take your training indoors? - the weather my not be as perfect to train outdoors as much, but that’s no reason to stop training completely. Its a lot easier to maintain fitness rather than start it up again in the Spring. In the interim you could try: swimming, the gym or a new exercise class (e.g. like HITT, strength & conditioning or pilates), & we have all 3 are available at the Le Sport gym where were based.

  3. Book a Physio MOT? - There’s no better way to know how your body is performing than a full body MOT from a Physiotherapist. A physio will check over your body, your joint movement, flexibility & lastly strength so you can walk away with a plan on what to be focusing on to prevent injury.

    Runners in particular may want to try our HD video gait analysis to correct any niggles or help improve efficiency? Winter is the best time to do this as you can’t meddle with someone’s gait style or footwear in peak season. If you or someone you know would like to try this…? Then why not buy them an e-Gift voucher from us.

  4. Sports Massage? - If you haven’t had 1, Go and get yourself booked in for 1 straight away. (Book in here). I don’t know anyone who hasn’t benefitted from our amazing Sports Massages here at the Physio & Sports Injury Clinic.

    So when’s best to have one…? The answer is whenever you feel its needed. The winter off-season is ideal and then periodically during training every month or 2 and lastly after any big race/event. I do have to say though that Sports Massage is not the magic bullet to ‘fix’ all injuries, but it sure dam feels good afterwards! So if Massage is your thing then get scheduling some sessions into your training plan. Get sessions booked in ahead of schedule to get the dates/times you want as towards big events we always book up.

  5. Take your time - there is a rule in Health, if you rush things the more likely you’ll injure yourself. I see this on a daily basis at The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic where people present with overuse injuries. Runners or cross-fitters are my usual suspects who haven’t done enough training before an event. So the week before said event they typically do far too much. Overall take your time & enjoy your workouts.

    If in any doubt speak to a professional (physio, coach or PT) who understands both you and your goal. 

    Thanks for reading.