New Year fitness - where to start?


Its that time of year where we are all back to busy schedules at work or school and Christmas suddenly feel like ages ago. After the festive period of over-indulging January always sparks that ‘New Year - New Me’ attitude with a fitness frenzy. January fitness new years resolutions tend never to last so today I want to share with you The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic’s tips to consider when starting fitness & still be going strong 12 months later.

  1. Don’t make irrational decisions!

    There is real pressure from the media (particularly social media) to get back in shape in January but that unfortunately leads to people making quick irrational-based decisions about their health, diet  & fitness. Firstly if you decide you want to start a new fitness regime then that’s great. That should be encouraged, however that gratification we all get sets off load of endorphins in the brain (that happy feeling) and before long you’ve signed up to something in reality you shouldn’t have!!

  2. Plan, Plan, Plan! 

    There is a saying that goes: If it doesn’t work on paper it certainly won’t work in reality. I think this is too true about everything in life. Do some proper research first to decide what you want to do & where you’d like to start some fitness. I wrote about this in a previous blog all about exercise planning (read it here) and I go on about this with all my patients here at The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan so why start an exercise journey without 1 too! Its hard for people to see this, early on when starting a fitness journey but its the one comment that experienced sports people always say in hindsight:

    ‘I wish I had known this when I first started out’

  3. Get friends and family to help?

    Why go it alone when you can exercise with the physical &/or psychological support of other people! 1 big reason for a lack of exercise uptake generally in the UK is a lack of confidence (or the fear of doing something wrong or stupid). Having a support network of friends/family to help you plan or to do the activity with you will make a huge impact on your engagement/dedication long term.

  4. Spend your money wisely

    Fitness shouldn’t cost the earth. At the end of the day I want you to stick at it not spend loads then give up (the quick fix). Hopefully its something that will become part of your life. Basically you don’t need £200 trainers to start running - just get going & invest as you improve.

    There are millions of offers for fitness at this time of year. The best area that you can invest in though is YOURSELF - invest in building up a better knowledge about health & fitness & don’t just rely on google to tell you as you go along. This can be done through a PT/coach or consult a Sports Physio!

    When ready then invest in somewhere to train that’s auitable for your schedule e.g. home equipment or get a gym membership.

  5. Surround yourself with like-minded people, not moaners!

    There is always resentment from regular gym goers come January when they see new people signing up in the New Year saying things like: ‘They’ll be gone be February’. This maybe sort of true - they may?

    BUT WHY… Confident exercisers may actually be one of the causes of the January boom & bust. What would be great would be for more regular gym members lost the chips on their shoulders and didn’t have egos as weird as their diet plans then maybe more people would actually want to exercise together and be more healthy as a nation. Just a thought?

    [So if you are reading this as a regular gym-goer I set you this January challenge - if you see someone new in a fitness environment. Make the effort to be friendly, be nice and support them if they are struggling!]

So there are my 5 things to combat that boom and bust with New Year Fitness.

Thanks for reading.


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