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New Year fitness - where to start?

Its that time of year where we are all back to busy schedules at work or school and Christmas suddenly feel like ages ago. After the festive period of over-indulging January always sparks that ‘New Year - New Me’ attitude with a fitness frenzy. January fitness new years resolutions tend never to last so today I want to share with you The Physio & Sports Injury Clinic’s tips to consider when starting fitness & still be going strong 12 months later.

Top-Tips to Stay In Shape This Winter.

We are slowly approaching that time of year again where the weather is now getting colder, there’s less daylight hours to do anything after work and a lot of sports are winding down for the winter as everyone thinks about ❄️CHRISTMAS❄️

Whilst most people will be enjoying the thought of putting their feet up, anybody who’s serious about sport will know that if you have anything planned for the Spring time then training should ideally begin December to give you enough time to build up training gradually. The off-season is where you can make some of your biggest improvements/adjustments (with a little help from us!) So here are my top-tips to stay in shape over the coming few months.