5 Facts about Back Pain

As part of this year’s Backcare Awareness week, Here are 5 facts about Low Back Pain.

1. Back pain is very common.

Back pain can be very painful and worrying. It is very common but most of the time isn’t serious. 84% of people worldwide will experience back pain at some point in their lives & that figure is increasing.

2. Scans for back pain are rarely needed.

Scans are only needed when a serious condition is suspected (e.g. cancer, broken bones or infections). Scans will almost always show something and it is poorly linked with back pain. Many abnormalities found are also found in people without any pain at all!

3. The back is not that vulnerable to damage.

Most people think the spine needs to be protected & not moved when in pain. Research has shown that back structures do not go ‘out of place’ or ‘slip’. This is factually incorrect and has led to fear, protective guarding, avoidance and disability throughout the world. Physiotherapist are trained not to use this language and can help.

4. The back is designed for bending and lifting.

In the same way that a person can get a sore knee after doing an activity, people can get back pain when they lift something awkwardly or something that they aren’t used to. The back doesn’t like change so anything do for the first time should be taken with care until you build a tolerance structurally to doing it.

5. Exercise is good for back pain but people are often afraid to try

Exercise is helpful for back pain. More than 30 minutes per day has the greatest health benefits, but any amount you can manage will result in benefit. What type of exercise you do is up to you. Research has shown that it doesn’t really matter which you try so long as you enjoy it!

Overall Back Pain can get better. You just need guidance from somebody qualified to work out whats best for you and your lifestyle.

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